n°104 : Emotional Root - 1

 FOCUSED ON MYSELF - I call it Creative 'Self' Destruction 
" My life has been oppressed by superficial truths, rules, and common senses. As a secret revenge against the society I hated, I destroy myself in the photo, add incomprehensible elements, and turn it into something which look good on the outside. 
I'd like to believe that, by destroying what I hate, what I love can be created"
UNCERTAIN Magazine ISSUE 5 - My Secret Revenge, JUNE 2019


n°103 : Black hole that you spun 

n°105 : Emotional Root - 2

n°112 : ne m’oubliez pas - sakura 

n°119 : In chains

n°113 : the looking-glass milky way 

n°118 : my first depression of 2020

n°1 : a full moon attack

n°18 : You ate my heart 

Polaroid film : 1o.8  x 8.8 cm