no longer polaroid

producing waste Part1

no longer polaroid 
"No Longer Polaroid" is the challenge to breath new life into a waste Polaroid. Producing something is the same as producing waste eventually. We are responsible for the photo we take. You may think it is no longer a Polaroid but it doesn't matter to Yukimi. This work focuses on living creatures in the universe - biological diversity. 
- PART1 No Longer Polaroid / On the earth / Figurative 
- PATR2 Come Find Me Wherever I am / In the universe / Abstract
"For me, Polaroid is like flowers, fruit, or other living things. The film reminds me of skin, juice, body fluids or petales. I like that Polaroid never works the way I expected it to and that the color of the Polaroids changes and decomposes over time." from the interview by kwerfeldein​​​​​​​

N°111 | it’s no longer Polaroid but swallowtail - hungry spider

N°108 | It’s No longer Polaroid but toadstool

N°121 | It’s no longer Polaroid but... what is this? 🕷🦗🐜

N°114 | It’s no longer Polaroid but mushroom


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