Timeless Knot


Timeless Knot Project : She Blooms Once Again 

Timeless Knot is the first project after Yukimi stepped away from self-portraits using Polaroids. Focusing on unknown women (in vintage postcards) who lived and died in the past, and using countless French Knot stitches that looks like blooming colorful threads. 
Yukimi has also changed the direction of her work. She promises to take a lot of time to "talk" with all the creatures in the vintage photographs, and carefully stitch and revive them, stitch by stitch, with a respect that was not present in her portrait work. Also, she promises to create one-of-a-kind pieces with love, care for the environment, and strive to have as little negative impact on nature as possible. 
For Yukimi, therapeutic self-portraits / destruction is over. She's taking the next step, and hoping to love herself and the world. 

- Part 1 : She Blooms Once Again / N°1- N°9 / Date : SS2021
- Part 2 : She Drowns In The Air / N°10 - N°13, 16, 20 / Date :SS2021
- Part 3: Towards Heaven / N°14,15 / Date : SS2021
- Part 4: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze / Date : SS2022
- Episode 0: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze

N°1 Rose : 薔薇 bara , 9cm x 14cm, 

N°2 Revolution : 革命 kakumei, 8.9 x 14.1cm 

N°3 Wisteria : 藤 fuji, 9 x 14.2cm

N°4 Haze : 霞 kasumi, 9 x 14cm

N°5 Blood : 紅血 kouketsu, 9 x 14cm

N°6 Blink : 瞬き mabataki, 9 x 14cm

N°7 Fairyland :  御伽の国 otogi-no-kuni, 9 x 14cm

N°8 Puberty : 思春期 shishunki , 9.1 x 14.1cm

N°9 Cobweb : 蜘蛛の巣 kumo-no-su, 9.1 x 14.1 cm


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