Timeless Knot


Timeless Knot Project : Towards Heaven 

Towards Heaven was inspired by the death of Yukimi's grandmother. Because of her illness, Yukimi stopped to visit her beloved grandmother. Eventually, her grandma forgot about her. She could not say goodbye to her grandmother in person. She could not send her grandma to heaven.
"Trying to achieve what grandma showed me. You make me imagine that there is a heaven. You are the wind, sometimes the scent, the light, the sound, the clouds, the rain. You have already reached there, all your pain is healed, and you look happy to reunite with people you had missed for a long time, I hope so. These make me not only miss you, but also feel tender. I’ll keep talking to you every morning. I'm waiting for you to come to see me on the wind one day. "

- Part 1: She Blooms Once Again / N°1- N°9 / Date : SS2021
- Part 2: She Drowns In The Air / N°10- 13, 16, 20 / Date : SS2021
- Part 3: Towards Heaven / N°14, 15 / Date : SS2021
- Part 4: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze / Date : SS2022
- Episode 0: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze

N°14 Towards Heaven.

N°15 Towards Heaven; Mums


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