Chikubushima by Matsuno Sofu -
$260 → $150 USD
Embroidery is created by hand, directly on the found print of probably 'Chikubu-shima' by Matsuno Sofu, used as a postcard, using cotton threads. The 'Chikubu-shima' is a an anonymous Noh play of the first category, celebrating the sacred volcanic island of that name in Lake Biwa.
The print was probably printed on Washi paper in Japan in the Taisho era - the Showa era, stamped in 1956. The print is a bit damaged and weaker and there is also a stain on it, but it looks very nice . 
The print measures 8.9 x 13.7 cm, and is unframed. Piece will be signed on the back. 

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