Creative 'Self' Destruction

SELECTIONS part3 FROM N°101- 141

Creative 'self' destruction 
Creative 'Self' Destruction is self-portraiture, using embroidery, gold leaf, color & lifts, to destroy Yukimi herself and reimagine her own image. All original works are individually numbered. Up to today the collection counts 120 unique self-portraits. This is the selections Part 3 of the Creative Self Destruction from N°101- 141
- PART1 N°1-50 / Date : Apr 2019 -/ Type : Simple
- PATR2 N°50-100 / Date : Jun 2019 - / Type : Simple
- PART3 N°101- 141 / Date : Oct 2019 - Feb 2021 / Type : Complex
"My life has been oppressed by superficial truths, rules, and common senses. As a secret revenge against the society I hated, I destroy myself in the photo, add incomprehensible elements, and turn it into something which look good on the outside. I'd like to believe that, by destroying what I hate, what I love can be created." from Uncertain magazine - My Secret Revenge 

N°0 | I'd died that day #1

N°0 | I'd died that day #2

N°129 | touching souls, #1

N°129 | touching souls, #2

N°123-124 | Maggots (InsideOut)

N°104 | Emotional Root - 1

N°103 | Black Hole That You Spun

N°101 | Under a red curse

N°118 | my first depression of 2020

N°119 | In chains

N°113 | the looking-glass milky way 

N°106 | Stem (cell)

N°117 | Psycho flower 1[kaleidoscope]

N°128 | A cloud trip

N°136 | snow flower

N°127| aroma


N°124 | Waiting for spring

N°130 | Can’t breathe 2 

N°131| I wanna die I don’t wanna die

 N°139 | Flap your wings

N°132 | Black Orbs

N°133 | Plastic Planet

N°134 | A woman with no face living in a daydream

N°115 | Bed time story 

N°140 | It was “Empty dots"

N°141 Hope

N°135 | Between the night and the morning


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