Timeless knot EPISODE 0


Timeless Knot Episode 0 : She Sets Her Heart Ablaze

If the French Knot in "Timeless Knot" showed us a scene where wishes and prayers overflowed as grains of light, Episode 0 shows us a much more vivid scene, where dense emotions are unleashed like burst blood vessels.
Women are Geisha who lived and died in the past in Japan, a time when women were not allowed freedom and were considered the property of men. As Yukimi talked with these women, she
 felt as if she could see them set their rage and sadness ablaze, and surviving with loneliness, emptiness, and love.
Their thoughts that plunged into her mind were linked to her own struggle to survive. She wanted to be more free with these women, to see our struggles and their process of rebirth, to try a new kind of liberation.

- Part 1: She Blooms Once Again / N°1- N°9 / Date : SS2021
- Part 2: She Drowns In The Air / N°10- 13, 16, 20 / Date : SS2021
- Part 3: Towards Heaven / N°14, 15 / Date : SS2021
- Part 4: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze / Date : SS2022
- Episode 0: She Sets Her Heart Ablaze

'The Heart’ N°34

‘Melancholism’ N°35

‘Love Is Noise’ N°36

‘Kabukicho Neon Dreams’ N°37

"Tears On Fire", N°41

‘Sparkler’, N°51

‘One Sweet Night’, N°54

Midnight Parade (Meiji St. toward Ebisu)’, N°58


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