Ukiyo-e Pop

- Thread graffiti -

UKIYOE POP : Thread Graffiti 

This Ukiyo-e postcard is a bit damaged, but I like to use this kind of material. I've always chosen old unsold materials that have been forgotten, have not yet found a home, or have lost their homes. I was hesitant to sew on "art" because I thought it would be rude, but if it is going to be forgotten and thrown away, there’s nothing but to do it. And I guess if I were an ukiyo-e artist, I'd tell me to Do It! Welcome to 2021. Thanks to all Ukiyo-e artists and to everyone who welcomes this kind of work."⁡ 

N°19 The Wind Rises 

N°18 Ukiyoe Pop 

N°24 Worldly desire 

N°22 Shakuhachi  

N°26 Volcano

N°38 Fuji Triangle

N°45 Tsuzumi Reiwa4 (2022)


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