Lost and Grieving

Lost and Grieving - in an ironic anthropocentric system 

- Quote from Instagram @ykm_12.44_
"Finally. Finished four new works on postcards after a long time. Inspired by traditional Japanese patterns. I made this as I felt like it, and it reminded me of the anthropocentrism I hate, and my heart this past year.

I went back and forth between the gaps, trying to somehow close the distance between what was happening on this planet and what I was creating. Trying to focus on living in the here and now, but my heart was always floating somewhere on earth, and very heavy. People and animals who lost their homes or lives, the destroyed and burned cities and forests, the wreckage and bodies, sea pollution, hunger, thirst, floods, war, cruelty... I felt as if I could hear the voiceless voices and was busy crying, angry, and sad.

But still, the earth is beautiful and vast, and I can feel the kindness of people and happiness in ordinary days. Sadly, it makes us forget that we are in a crisis, that we are divided, and that we are only part of the earth. As I lie in my warm bed, feeling helpless and guilty, and the contradiction makes me realize how privileged I am to be in Japan, ironically, as a human being living in an anthropocentric system.

I was happy when I learned about the idea of "Earth-Centric thinking". Hope that in the future it helps me make better choices in everything. Also, the challenge of embroidering on fabric helped me to understand the advantages of paper and what it can do, and to reconfirm why I have started to use old thing."

N°63 Untitled (Twin Crane), 2023

- Quote from Instagram @ykm_12.44_
"Something we don't want to see. Something we don't want to believe. Something we pretend not to see. Something we pretend not to notice, or pretend to know. The truth that someone or something I have never met lives in a cruel, merciless, endless routine. They run through my mind, especially when I am creating. How can I ignore them and still create? My mind still floats somewhere on earth, back and forth between present and past, returning back with a heavy feeling and helplessness to the peace I have re-found."

N°50 Untitled, 2022

N°50-2, Untitled, 2022

N°50-3, Untitled, 2022

N°50-4, Untitled, 2022


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